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With Periop Insight™, we're helping leading hospitals and health systems improve data, decisions and results.

With Periop Insight, I’m already changing the discussion at our periop executive meeting toward data, measurement and improvement.
— Blake Stock, OR Business ManagerUC San Diego Medical Center
Upon engaging the Periop Insight solution, we quickly became able to handle more cases in less time, with fewer resources and reduced costs.
— Allen Weiss, CEO and President, NCH Healthcare
Better Data

Increase confidence in your data and availability of information 

UC San Diego Medical Center

Syus worked with the perioperative business team at UCSD to identify and resolve hidden issues in their case data exposed when presented in Periop Insight. With increased confidence in the reliability of the underlying data, the team was eager to make the information resulting from their analysis to all stakeholders. The stakeholders had greater opportunity to review the information and their confidence grew as well. The larger group was able to move beyond validity questions and focus on improvement.

  • Improved data transparency
  • Improved communication among surgeons, nurses, and hospital administrators
  • Visually detected underutilized and overstaffed ORs 
Better Decisions

Use data to drive change and clean up your block schedule

Large, for-profit hospital

As part of our trial process, Syus undertook a complete block assessment and review with the new perioperative leadership team at a large, for-profit hospital. The Periop Insight analysis revealed a high number of "zombie blocks" with no utilization and an even higher number of low-performing blocks. With Periop Insight's in-depth analysis in hand and frequently updated, the perioperative team and the block committee immediately began to take action alerting block holders and ultimately modifying the block schedule. The Periop Insight analysis became the centerpiece of regular block committee meetings and the results in just the first few month were impressive: 

  • 39% increase in block utilization 
  • 25% increase in case volume minutes
  • 8% decrease in out of block minutes
Better Results

Reduce delays, idle time and late cases

Saint Thomas West Hospital

The administration at Saint Thomas West Hospital was prepared to add additional ORs to meet demand. Syus assisted the perioperative leadership team with an additional review and determined there was an opportunity for compression of the schedule in the existing capacity. Rather than add additional rooms, Saint Thomas was able to cut block rooms from 15 to 11, shut down one room, and add volume in 2 rooms. As a result, the hospital was not only able to delay the capital expense, but actually reduced current operating expenses while increasing volume and revenue.

  • Identified surgeons who may run ORs concurrently but had low actual overlapping cases using our patented concurrency measure
  • Visually detected underutilized and overstaffed ORs, analyzing frequency and length of "white space" time period during the day 
  • Streamlined scheduling to increase number of surgeries performed while decreasing costs associated with after-hours cases and inefficient staffing

How it works

We partnered with AORN® to introduce Periop Insight™, a data analytics solution for today's busy perioperative leaders to improve their OR performance. Periop Insight eliminates the hard, endless work of getting the information you need to run your OR, giving you the tools to make better decisions, share your insights and engage surgeons and administrators.


Periop Insight takes data generated by your EHR, supply and HR systems, validates it and ties it all together in a single, secure hosted data warehouse.


You use the online dashboard to explore curated key performance measures powered by our calculation engine and make better data-driven decisions.


Periop Insight generates personalized presentation-ready materials to keep surgeons and administration informed and engaged in tailored improvement efforts.

Why Periop Insight?

You've got choices for getting value from the periop data you're collecting - mastering Excel, hiring costly consultants, waiting on massive data warehouse projects, licensing overly expensive tools, begging IT for reports - so why choose Periop Insight? Ok, not a fair question, but an easy answer.

It's easy but powerful

With Periop Insight, powerful insight is easy to get.

No integrations. No coding.

No integrations. No coding.

Implemented in days, not months.

Implemented in days, not months.

Designed for clinicians, not IT.

Designed for clinicians, not IT.


It solves real problems.

Periop Insight helps with issues you run into every day.

It's a great value.

When you know what Periop Insight costs, you'll love it even more.



per OR per month



per OR one-time

updates and support


more, ever


* Here's the fine print.  Chances are it will cost you less.  We offer discounts for more ORs, longer commitments and GPOs members.

Get started with a free assessment and trial

Periop Insight is so easy to implement and we are so confident you will love it, we offer everyone a chance to see it in action on their data.


You provide:

✔  One-year's case data
✔   Block schedule
✔   Room and staffing patterns

You get:

✔  In-depth assessment
✔   Live presentation of findings
✔   30-day fully-functional trial


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