UC San Diego Medical Center

With Syus, I’m already changing the discussion at our periop executive meeting toward data, measurement and improvement. The support from Syus has been great.
— Blake Stock, OR Business Manager
“We have better data now than ever before!”
— Dr. Manacke, Chair of Anesthesiology


Improved Data

Improved data transparency

Improved Communication among surgeons, nurses, and hospital administrators

Visually detected underutilized and overstaffed ORs

Customer Challenges

The perioperative team at UC San Diego Medical Center knew they were capturing large amounts of data that they weren't fully utilizing to help run the OR. Excel-based calculations were error prone, time consuming, and weren't capturing the full story. OR leaders were spending hours reporting on the data but getting little buy-in . They turned to Syus to provide a long-term sustainaible solution to OR analytics that was realiable, easily accessable, and required minimal effort.


Our easily accessible, customizable analytics allowed surgical services leaders to regularly share data with key stakeholders including physicians, to promote greater awareness of supply cost, decrease waste, and improve documentation and operational efficiencies. Through greater transparency of information to hospital leaders, surgeons, and staff, UCSD strengthened communication among surgeons and nurses, and positively impacted the culture in the perioperative department.

How we helped:

  • Use analytics-based insight to make your schedule more predictable. 
  • Improved data transparency promoted a culture of collaboration among surgical services stakeholders.
  • Surgeon buy-in and improved communication among surgeons, nurses, and hospital administrators.