Frequently Asked Questions

Is Syus a web-based or a server-based application?

  • Syus is a web-based application. As long as you have internet, you  can access your Syus dashboard from anywhere at anytime. 

How often do you receive customer data files?

  • In order to have the most up-to-date analytics possible, we receive nightly data files from most of our customers.

Is the data audited or validated?

  • Yes, all of the data we receive goes through a multi-step validation process to identify potential errors, outliers and missing information.

Who is your main point of contact at the hospital?

  • It depends on the hospital but usually we work closely with the OR Director or the OR Business Manager.

How do you handle support requests?

  • We have Syus team members dedicated to handling each support request as quickly as possible. Within our application, click on the blue support icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Otherwise send us a quick email at

Does Syus work with anesthesiology practices? 

  • Yes, some of our first customers we're anesthesiology practices. If you haven't read our story yet, Syús was built from an anesthesia practice, so we understand the challenges you face and know how we can benefit you.

Does Syus work with surgery centers?

  • Yes! We receive data from all types of procedure rooms - any room where a Surgeon would perform a case. Whether it be a cath lab, endo unit, surgery center, cardiac center, etc.. Main OR is just a name hospitals use to generalize their ORs.

How much does Syus cost?

  • Syus's pricing is based on the number of ORs at your facility and is billed monthly. Each OR is priced at $200 per month and has a one-time implementation fee of $500. But of course, you can start with our FREE 30-day trial. 

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