Large, Non-Profit Hospital

With over 450 surgeons, we have had great response on the way the information hasallowed them to understand our  goals. Syús has been able to deliver critical accurate information in a way that is easy to use and understand, not only for physicians but for the entire analytical team at IFMC.



surgeon reports sent monthly

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and increased data transparency


on-time starts

Customer Challenges

A large, urban, non-profit hospital was collecting large amounts of data from various IT sources but was struggling to use it to drive change and improve OR performance. Perioperative leadership faced questions over the validity and consistency of data and struggled to gain buy-in from surgeons and hospital executives. Without analytics-based insight and extensive IT experience, OR directors did not have the time to regularly provide consistent performance metrics or support the reasoning behind the calculations.


Our monthly surgeon reports became a catalyst for culture change and governance best practice. By providing regular monthly updates to all surgeons, Syus promoted a culture of collaboration, heightened accountability and engagement across the entire perioperative team. Surgeons were given actionable information to improve performance and see how they compared to their colleagues and OR directors were empowered to make changes based on clear comprehensive analytics. Syús helped remove the inefficiencies that were costing time and allowed ORs to perform more cases in less time while giving surgeons and anesthesiologists the predictable lifestyle they imagined.  

How we helped: 

  • Increase on time starts and decrease turnaround time 
  • Profile the productivity of individual surgeons, specialty services and the entire block schedule to identify areas for improvement.

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