Christine Phipps
Executive Director, Surgical Services
St. Joseph Hospital of Orange


Explore your data any time, quickly and easily

Periop Insight starts making your job easier with its easy but powerful online analytics and operational decision support tool. You can access it anywhere, anytime, on any device to check in on your performance, answer questions or support key decisions.


Any set of cases

Slice the data any way you want it - view detail by surgeon, room, procedure type.


Simple and user-friendly

Quickly view all the information you need to run your OR, the moment you log in, all on one screen.


20+ pre-built measures

Immediately access key OR performance measures to get the full picture of your performance.


Configurable calculations

Make modifications to the measures to fit your local approach - make Periop Insight useful to you.


Drill down

Dig deeper to find the meaning in your data by easily viewing trends, peaks and outliers.


Export in many formats

Export graphs straight from the dashboard in multiple formats for easy placement in presentations.

Improve performance by benchmarking against similar organizations

Periop Insight's benchmarking component enables comparison of performance against others in our industry-leading database across a range of key measures. Benchmarking provides periop leaders and their stakeholders with context for their performance and goal setting and insight into the best practices of top performers.

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Over 4 million cases

The Periop Insight database contains over 4 million surgical cases and is growing every day.

Surgeon Count.png

Over 25,000 surgeons

Over 25,000 surgeons are represented in the database, enabling powerful surgeon-level comparisons.

Custom Peer Groups.gif

Build custom peer groups

Use 14 criteria including size, location, complexity, ownership, volume and specialty designations.

Multiple Levels.gif

Compare multiple levels

Build peer groups not only at the facility level, but also at the system, site, suite or room level.


Configurable calculations

We use raw data so you can configure measures to fit your rules rather than a standard calculation.

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Standardized data

We map all data to standard data definitions from AORN Syntegrity® for specialty, procedure and more.

We provide you professionally-designed presentation-ready materials

Our reports look so great, we don't even call them reports - we call them presentation-ready materials. Show up to meetings prepared with thoughtfully-designed, perfectly formatted materials without lifting a finger.

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Monthly Surgeon Update and Analysis

A monthly performance update provided to each surgeon with an overview of volume & efficiency, block utilization, and a service line comparison.

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Surgical Block Analysis

A quarterly or monthy in-depth review of every block showing metrics on block utilization, in-block case minutes, release minutes and turnover minutes.

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Weekly Facility Update

A regular pulse check on your key performance indicators like case volume and length, on-time starts, room utilization, and after-hours cases.

Total Peace of Mind


✔ 24x7 Support

We know you're working around the clock, so we do too. Our team is always ready to tackle any customer question or concern because we think you deserve quick answers and immediate support.

✔ HIPAA Compliant

Data security is our top priority. We ensure compliance with HIPAA and HITECH standards throughout our infrastructure and processes. Your data is secure always and everywhere.

✔ Audited Data

We use sophisticated tools and good old humans to continually audit your data against your original EHR records, internal reports and statistical benchmarks.

✔ Always On

Consultants achieve improvements, but Excel-based tools and limited time involvement aren't sustainable and aren't always available when you need them, Syus is.

It's a great value

When you know what Periop Insight costs, you'll love it even more.



per OR per month



per OR one-time

updates and support


more, ever

* Here's the fine print.  Chances are it will cost you less.  We offer discounts for more ORs, longer commitments and GPOs members.



We love to say "yes", as in "yes, our tool does that" or "yes, we can help you with that special report" or "yes, that is all it really costs." Try us, we'll do our best to say yes.


What EHRs can Periop Insight work with?

We can (and do) work with all EHRs. Because we do not interface directly with your EHR we can use data from any of your various IT systems.

How does Periop Insight get the data from my IT systems?

You extract data from your EHR, HR, and other IT systems into simple files following our data specification. You set up the export once and have it run each night. Periop Insight scoops up the files, runs them through intelligent validation and processing and loads
the data. Set it and forget it.

What types of hospitals does Periop Insight work with?

Currently we work with the whole spectrum of hospitals, from small rural facilities to large academic centers and everyone in between.

How long does it take to get fully implemented?

Because we provide a full-featured free trial, much of the implementation work is done by the time you sign up. Many customers are fully implemented within 30 days and none take longer than 90 days.


Enough said? It's time to try it. 
There's no substitute for hands-on experience.
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