NCH Healthcare

The gains from Syus have proven sustainable year over year as evidenced by the scores on our surgeon satisfaction surveys. As productivity has continued to increase, a spirit of collaboration has evolved among surgeons, anesthesiologists and OR staff.
— Allen Weiss, CEO and President


$2 million

annual anesthesia subsidy reduction

$1 million

annual staffing costs reduction


case volume increase

Customer Challenges

Before engaging Syús, NCH Healthcare's leadership recognized untapped utilization potential in its ORs on two campus locations. Even using LEAN and Six Sigma techniques, the OR team failed to maximize capacity and faced periods of inefficient down time. Perioperative leadership saw poor capacity management leading to unnecessary expenses and low cooperativity among anesthesiologists, surgeons, and OR staff.


Syus' initial assessment showed areas with significant room for savings and provided the support OR leadership needed to enact long-term changes in the OR. The visual representations and analytics enabled NCH Healthcare to identify key contributors of inefficiency and unnecessary expenses. Syus determined that anesthesiologists were consistently paid to cover more rooms than needed, allowing hospital executives to eliminate a $2M annual anesthesia subsidy. The analysis also found OR staff clocking in 30 minutes too early, but this early staff was not increasing on-time starts. By working with the entire perioperative team to create a "data and people listening program", Syús' tapped into a common desire for NCH to be successful.

How we helped: 

  • Our patented analytics optimized block utilization and better matched staffing patterns to demand. 
  • Increased productivity through identifying gaps in the schedule.
  • Promoting collaboration throughout the perioperative team. 

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