Analytics Guide Surgeons to Improve

When it comes to driving doctor efficiency,the age-old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”, has become the fundamental management strategy for one New York based medical group.Westmed Medical Group CEO Simeon Schwartz states “we do not tell doctors what to do – we show them what they are doing” and they do this through the use of data analytics. We think the $285 million in annual revenue, and physician growth from 16 to 250 since 1996, suggests this approach may be working quite well.

Surgeons respond to data they believe in, plain and simple.The case for increasing surgeon involvement is a strong one, and should be done on a consistent basis. The article notes that surgeons are highly data-driven, and the opportunity to visualize their performance will drive efficiency further. Becoming operationally efficient like Westmed is the end goal, and empowering surgeons is the fuel that will get you there. Ultimately, providing data analysis to surgeons makes claims more quantifiable, and easier to observe.

What is your current strategy to involve surgeons with data and information? Are the results driving the surgeons? Or are the surgeons driving the results? Please share.