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Reducing Sepsis Mortality with Data

The development of large amounts of data in the healthcare industry is causing many hospitals and health institutions to begin leveraging this information. Just last month, one institution, showed exactly how to leverage clinical systems data by tackling the No. 1 most expensive hospital condition, sepsis. This potentially fatal, whole-body inflammation is caused by severe infection, but can be stifled if an intervention is done early and appropriately. Penn Medicine's algorithmic early warning system did just that.

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Analytics Guide Surgeons to Improve

When it comes to driving doctor efficiency,the age-old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words”, has become the fundamental management strategy for one New York based medical group.Westmed Medical Group CEO Simeon Schwartz states “we do not tell doctors what to do – we show them what they are doing” and they do this through the use of data analytics. We think the $285 million in annual revenue, and physician growth from 16 to 250 since 1996, suggests this approach may be working quite well.

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