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Performing Emergency Surgeries Increases both Cost and Mortality

When was the last time you evaluated the costs associated with surgery in your hospital? More specifically, have you evaluated those costs in an innovative way? New research that was published in the Annals of Surgery has taken one angle on addressing the rising cost of healthcare, and it seems that the findings may significantly alter costs and mortality rates for years to come.  This would be welcoming to an industry in which costs and better outcomes have been pushed to the forefront due to the Affordable Healthcare Act. Keep reading to determine if the innovative approach is right for your hospital.

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How Much is that Implant in My Patient?

Would you be willing to bet your orthopedic surgeons know how much the implants they use cost your facility? According to recently published research, you would be better off putting your money on red or black at the roulette wheel. A study of surgeons at several academic medical centers found only about 20% of orthopedic surgeons could correctly identify the price within 20% of the true price to the facility. While there are a number of factors that potentially make this study unique - academic medical centers, small study group, etc. - I am willing to bet you are not shocked by this finding. I would also be willing to bet this lack of awareness of cost extends beyond implants and may in fact be worse with respect to other supplies used in procedures.

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